Social Innovation Team

Our team facilitate the transfer and exchange of knowledge between University and society – we encourage and facilitate socially conscious CUHK members to apply their expertise to tackling social issues. We mobilise and empower key stakeholders such as professors, students and alumni to work together to create social impact through novel ideas and application of knowledge. 

We manage these: 

◼ Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC) 
◼ Knowledge Transfer Project Fund (KPF) 
◼ Sustainable Knowledge Transfer Project Fund (S-KPF)

Dr Elsie Tsui

Head, Social Innovation
  3943 1558

Ms Dorothy Hui

Assistant Social Innovation Manager
  3943 1451

Ms Cathy Luk

Social Innovation Officer (Communications)
  3943 9628

Ms. Stephanie Yeung

Social Innovation Officer
  3943 0811

Ms Purple Tsoi

Assistant Project Manager, HKSEC
  3943 9525

Ms Peony Yu

Project Assistant, HKSEC
  3943 1649