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Thursday, 8th Apr 2021
Speaker / Guests of Honour

Dr. Elsie Tsui, Head of Social Innovation, ORKTS, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Mr. Nicholas OOI, Programme Manager of Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI), Lingnan University

Don’t miss the gate to success in the “City I&T Grand Challenge” by joining this L-I-V-E training workshop. Understanding the essence of design thinking, steering the direction of innovative ideas and mastering the skills to assist in planning ahead will drive you to excel in the Grand Challenge.

Topic:Fundamental Principles of Innovation and Design Thinking
Date:8 April 2021 (Thursday)
Time:4:30pm – 5:15pm (University / Tertiary Institute & Open Group)
Format: Live webinar (Zoom Webinar URL will be sent to the registrants before the event day)
Language: English (University / Tertiary Institute & Open Group)

University / Tertiary Institute & Open Group
How to turn an innovation into success? What are the common factors that drive innovation failure? Dr. Elsie Tsui from The Chinese University of Hong Kong will share with us how the general mass see “Innovation” and inspiring learning from real cases on what are the popular success factors that put social innovation into a champion or common factors that drive innovation failure.

Followed by Dr. Tsui’s sharing, Mr. Nicholas Ooi from Lingnan University will unveil the essential skills of design thinking and how this process can help address a successful innovation.

The two speakers will also share their thoughts on how innovation stand strong under the new normal.

Dr. Elsie Tsui, Head of Social Innovation, ORKTS, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Mr. Nicholas OOI, Programme Manager of Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI), Lingnan University

Speakers Bio:
Dr. Elsie Tsui is the Head of Social Innovation of ORKTS, and the Project Director of the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC). In her role, Dr. Tsui leads the team to encourage CUHK members to work together to create social impact through novel ideas and application of knowledge. Prior to joining the university, she has extensive experience both as a corporate executive (with Coca-Cola China) and a management consultant (!What If? Innovation Partner). Specialising in innovation management, innovation capability building through design thinking, as well as organisation transformation strategy, she has led many high impact training workshops for the leaders from Fortune 500 companies across Europe and Asia.

Mr. Nicholas OOI (Nick) is the Programme Manager of Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative, Lingnan University. He was recently selected by the programme’s inaugural Faculty Innovation Fellows Program by the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (d.School) at Stanford University which aims to improve the innovation ecosystems in schools and help students gain vital real-world skills and mindsets. Nick is experienced in conducting Design Innovation and Inclusive Entrepreneurship topics related workshops for students and he has conducted more than 80 workshops with accumulations of a total of more than 500 training hours. Nick was invited to be the speaker for TEDx Lingnan University to encourage the concept of Active Ageing and Intergeneration Collaboration in the community.

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