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Wednesday, 28th Jul 2021
Online (via ZOOM)
CUHK Pre-Incubation Centre (Pi Centre)
Speaker / Guests of Honour

Ms. Sarah Ng

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As a startup, one of the best places you can use to promote your products and services is the Internet. Want to learn how to make the best use of this powerful tool to market your business? We got you covered – PI Centre’s upcoming webinar series will walk you through the basics of market research, and introduce you to a practical tool that can help you with it. Don’t miss out!

Session 3: Overview to Web Analytics
Date: 28 July 2021 (Wed)
Time: 18:30-20:00

• Why is it so important to track your website?
Everyone knows how a website is important to your business in getting more exposure and sales, but not everyone aware the importance of knowing the performance of your website from time-to-time.
• You need to know how many traffic are generated?
With a physical store, you can always know how many customers are visiting on a regular basis. However when your products or contents are being placed on the website or online shop, you also have to understand how many customers are visiting and how do they behave in different pages. Without a physical sales person to attract the online buyers, you need to know which pages are more frequently visited. Analysing the website is the same with understanding your customers in order to better serve their needs and ultimately to increase sales.
• Tools: Google Analytics