一個企劃,兩個計劃,助你成為 「綠色企業家」!


👉#氣候行動嘉許計劃 #CARS 2021-22 
👉Hong Kong SDG Hub 主辦、#環境局 協辦, HSBC 贊助


詳情 👉http://sdghub.hk/cars

Initiated by Hong Kong SDG Hub, co-organised by the Environment Bureau, funded by HSBC, and highly supported by InnoPort, this scheme specifically addresses UNSDG no.13 – Climate Action! 

Whether you simply have an idea or, already freshly started a business (within 3 years) to tackle the issue , you are eligible to join! 

// #CARS consists of two leagues, of which the ‼️application deadline is 30 Dec 2021‼️

👉 Idea Stage💡: For teams which are looking for realizing their ideas of #climate solutions to prototypes✍️

👉 Scale-up Stage📡: For #startups which are looking for scaling up their #prototypes with positive climate impacts⚒️

APPLY NOW to actualize your ideas combating the climate crisis🌪️and saving the Earth !// 

Deadline 👉Dec 30,2021

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