The Entrepreneurship Support Week, organized by CUHK InnoPort, went smoothly from 17-21 April 2023.

Our booth offered information about funding opportunities, entrepreneurship competitions and education programs to promote entrepreneurship among students at the University. Teams from ORKTS and partners* then engaged with those who were interested in I&E (Innovation & Entrepreneurship) and encouraged them to get started on the journey. We also had CUHK Student Startups (Pi teams) Vivablee, Definer and READily exhibit their products and share their startup experiences. We also appreciated the onsite support of our partners and their promotional materials, like videos, leaflets, and booklets.

A new membership scheme called “InnoBuddies & InnoPeers” was introducted inviting the students to visit our coworking space in InnoPort and keeping them updated on I&E information. Around 300+ members were recruited during the week through online and on-site registration. Among them, around 100 members are looking for internship opportunities, around 50 are interested in technology innovation funding programs and 50 members are interested in social innovation funding programs. We will soon organize different I&E activities in response to their feedback.

*Venture Acceleration team (incubator of Pre-incubation programme), Social Innovation Team (office of HKSEC), EPIN office, the Office for Greater Bay Area Developments (GBAO), Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE), Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development Office (SRSDO)

Dr. LIN Huangquan from GBAO, Prof. YAM Yeung and Dr. ZHOU Yuhua from Shenzhen Research Institute (SZRI) came to visit our booth and gave introduction on the entrepreneurial support in GBA includingthe incubation program in SZRI InnoHub and Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition in China.  (Photo: ORKTS)
Dr Victor LAU, Head of Venture Acceleration Team, shared his inspiring thoughts and experiences of startup with students. (Photo: ORKTS)
The InnoPort team is open to hearing student feedback about their interests and challenges as entrepreneurs. (Photo: ORKTS)
“When the teams meet students! “- Students were happy to talk with the founder of the start-up team and explored the internship opportunity. (Photo: ORKTS)
All our InnoBuddies received welcoming gifts and were invited to visit our co-working space in InnoPort. (Photo: ORKTS)
Students are happy to know more about I&E activities. (Photo: ORKTS)

More Photos :

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