Saturday, 14th Nov 2020

Design Thinking Lab: Identify community issues and designing sustainable "three-in-one" solutions
Speaker / Guests of Honour

Prof Mo Kar Him (School of Architecture, CUHK)
Mr Chris Law (CollaborateHK)
Mr Chris Yuen (Playright Children’s Play Association)
Ms To Ching Wa (St James’ Settlement)

Sustainable Communities Lab for People's Multifaceted Well-being | Email

The built environment affects people’s sense of place and sense of well-being. The “Sustainable Communities Lab for People’s Multifaceted Well-being” project by CUHK aims to enhance community champions’ literacy and practical skills in making ecological and humane urban spaces, in order to build sustainable communities and cities where people have a great sense of belonging and multifaceted well-being.

In this 【Design Thinking Lab】, the project team will introduce the Design Thinking Framework, and talk about how we can apply the framework into community planning in every stage – from defining problem to developing sustainable solutions. Our guest presenters will also share their experience on initiating and conducting community placemaking projects. We welcome district councillors and place champions to join our workshop and co-create possible “three-in-one” solutions that can promote environmental, social, and economic aspects in different communities.