Funding Programme

IdeaBooster Fund

The IdeaBooster Fund is to inspire and support CUHK researchers in translating their knowledge and technologies into tangible societal impact. The Fund has four major objectives:

i) To support the development of early-stage ideas into a variety of impactful translational projects;

ii) To promote and cultivate an innovative culture across campus, stimulating a problem-driven innovation mindset within the CUHK community, for research and knowledge transfer initiatives;

iii) To encourage CUHK researchers to accelerate the transition from discovery research to goal-oriented translational projects which address a clear unmet market need;

iv) To inspire and encourage CUHK researchers to gain direct knowledge and insight from societal/industry needs, and to address critical social issues through interdisciplinary solutions, thereby creating tangible societal impact.

Future Ecopreneur Programme

Future Ecopreneur Programme is to raise the awareness of young people on climate change and sustainable development, to build capacity for young people to become Eco-preneurs/ Eco-pioneers through theme-based entrepreneurship and sustainability trainings, and to offer action-based learning opportunities through HKSTP Ideation Programme, Eco-pilot project (community-based project), and overseas eco-tours to help young people turn knowledge into actions and solutions to combat climate change and drive sustainable development.

CUHK RAISe+ Scheme 1st Solicitation Exercise

The Research, Academic and Industry Sectors One-plus (RAISe+) Scheme aims to help the prospective research teams with good potential to transform, realise and commercialise the research and development (R&D) outcomes and become successful start‑ups within around five years. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) will serve as the applicant, while the research team is responsible for carrying out the project.

Knowledge Transfer Project Fund (KPF)

KPF is a CUHK funding scheme initiated with the UGC Recurrent Funding for Knowledge Transfer, co-supported by the SIE Fund starting from 2017. The scheme supports professors to initiate social innovation projects exemplifying the translation of academic knowledge into social impact. KPF emphasises partnership with external organisations and direct engagement with local communities, instead of one-way dissemination of knowledge.

Sustainable Knowledge Transfer Project Fund (S-KPF)

S-KPF is a structured programme with seed funding and incubation services for CUHK academics to launch evidence-based social enterprises, which are ultimately supported by self-generated income, external investors and other funding sources. From nurturing ideas to developing a business canvas, competitive analysis and go-to-market strategy, Social Innovation team @ ORKTS will accompany teams in embracing challenges and opportunities in the early start-up stage, helping create values and social impact for a sustainable society.

Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities (TSSSU Scheme)

TSSSU aims to support CUHK professors, students and alumni to transform their research output into a real business. With the TSSSU funding and dedicated support by ORKTS, CUHK members can focus more on the commercialization of technology and innovation of the University.

The Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) of the Hong Kong SAR Government has set up the Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities (TSSSU) to encourage students, professors, and alumni from the six local universities, including CUHK, to start their own technology companies to commercialize R&D results.

From 2023-24 onwards, TSSSU comprises TSSSU-O and TSSSU+. TSSSU-O is the original component of the scheme which provides funding support to start-ups to commercialize the R&D results and innovative ideas. TSSSU+ is an enhancement measure to provide dollar-to-dollar matching funds* to start-ups which have demonstrated good growth potential through securing investment from private sector.

Makerbay Foundation – Impact Innovation Lab (The Lab)

Recognising the needs of the social innovation ecosystem in Hong Kong, Impact Innovation Lab (The Lab) is a new incubator that promotes social innovation to the general public and nurtures potential social innovators aged 18 or above.

Organised by MakerBay Foundation and funded by The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund, The Lab launches open calls every year. A variety of social issues are open for discussion. Potential social innovators will join a series of face-to-face and online training sessions to enrich their knowledge and skills in developing social innovation ideas to support the underprivileged. In addition, The Lab provides seed capital of up to HK$100,000 for awarded incubatees to actualise their visions with support from veterans and experts across different sectors and resources from a well-developed makerspace.

He Innovation Space 和創空間

He Innovation Space is located in Shunde Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Collaborative Development and Cooperation Zone, “He Innovation Space” stretches over 3,800m2 and is endowed with a laboratory, multi-function hall, exhibition hall, 300 workstations and 20 independent offices.

Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF)

Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) encourages innovation, creativity and commitment to grow. The programme sponsors high potential digital tech projects and early-stage start-ups with financial assistance and a comprehensive nurturing system to facilitate development in a pre-incubation stage. In general, CCMF accepts individual and company application. Individual applicant must be HKID card holder, company applicant is limited company registered and incorporated in Hong Kong.

I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development – Social Entreprise Startup Scheme

“CUSE Fund” is managed by the I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development, and adopts the strength-based approach for distribution.  It helps the participants make use of their own advantages and assets to engage in social entrepreneurship leading to positive social change and improvement of people’s quality of life.


HKAI LAB is a platform for bringing together academics, scientists, and entrepreneurs in Artificial Intelligence (AI) who are passionate about innovation and creating a better future. HKAI LAB is focused on advancing the frontiers of AI with cutting-edge technologies and expertise, and empowering startups to develop and commercialize their AI inventions and technologies.

Pre-incubation Programme + Cyberport University Partnership Programme + HKSTP Ideation

PI programme is an incubation programme for student startups, offering advice and industry connections to students, actualising preliminary ideas into working business models; and providing workspace, facilities, training, funding, proof of concept and mentoring services

Sustainable Development Goals Action Fund

The Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Office (SRSDO) offers the Sustainable Development Goals Action Fund, which encourages CUHK staff and students to develop creative and actionable projectes which actively respond to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations







The competition supports five awardees by providing HK$1 million in funding for each, as well as a series of training, mentorship, and publicity opportunities that will help young people implement their social innovation projects.

  • Applicants: Individuals who are aged 18 or above and with a valid HKID card
  • Application period: from now until 31 October 2023

Terms and conditions apply, for details and online application, please visit

HICOOL 2023 Global Entrepreneurship Competition

HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition was born for Entrepreneurs. It aims to build a multi-level, multi-dimensional and diversified international entrepreneurial model, seeking for high-quality startups worldwide, facilitating entrepreneurs to grow and expand their business in Beijing. The competition invites top investors, famous mentors and leading entrepreneurs to provide all-round entrepreneurial guidance and acceleration, to continuously empower entrepreneurs in Beijing by providing a full range of “Beijing Services” such as talent settlement, children’s education, healthcare, designated apartments, etc.

The Vice Chancellor’s Cup of Student Entrepreneurship (VCCE) 校長盃

VCCE is a Gateway to Entrepreneurship at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It aims at cultivating entrepreneurship among CUHK students with events that enrich their understanding of entrepreneurship and challenge their creativity as well as perseverance. It also helps nurture future entrepreneurs from the University network and to select student teams to represent the University to attend regional, national, and international competitions.

The Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC) 香港社會企業挑戰賽

The Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC) is a social venture startup competition, which aims to generate innovative and practical social enterprise ideas through engagement of multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional teams and to encourage young people to implement their ideas. By providing a series of motivation activities, seminars and training workshops, HKSEC has been strengthening the participants to understand social issues from a social entrepreneurial perspective to solve the real world issues, and to demonstrate social responsibility.

Start-up Express 創業快綫

Start-up Express is Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC)’s highly curated start-up development programme that targets start-ups offering innovative and tech products or solutions, as well as with strong desire to enter the international market. The programme aims to assist local start-ups in building capability and connections, exploring markets, seeking business and funding partners, and enhancing brand awareness.

Professor Charles K. Kao Student Creativity Awards 高錕教授學生創意獎

Prof. Charles K. Kao Student Creativity Awards (PCKKSCA) is a biennial competition of technological innovation among full-time students in CUHK, which aims to promote the culture of innovation on campus, encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration among undergraduate and postgraduate students to innovate in technologies relating to engineering, medicine, science and social science and promote entrepreneurship amongst students.

Elevator Pitch Competition 2023

Elevator Pitch Competition (EPiC) 2023 is a unique, worldwide competition for global startups to expand their footprints into Asia, with Hong Kong as your best springboard, leveraging our well proven support from our innovation ecosystem.

The Hong Kong University Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition 香港大學生創新及創業大賽 互聯網+

The Hong Kong University Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition is recognized as the “China youth innovation and entrepreneurship Olympic” while the winning entrepreneurship projects will enter the China International College Students’ “Internet + ” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and/or the “Challenge Cup” China College Students Entrepreneurship Competition, which are known as “the best and biggest roadshow platform worldwide” and the “the biggest platform of Chinese young entrepreneurs” respectively.

Climate Action Recognition Scheme 2022-23

Climate Action Recognition Scheme (CARS) recognizes and invests in innovative and outstanding start-up ideas which address the UN SDG 13 – Climate Action. We provide holistic training in entrepreneurship and innovation, mentorship support, a publicity and networking platform, fund and resources to young entrepreneurs who are determined to act on and transform climate awareness into climate actions and solutions

CUHK Data Hack: Data Hack 2023

Participants of Data Hack, working as a team, apply knowledge and skills from what they have learnt in the pre-hackathon workshops about data mining to solve the current controversial issue

Hong Kong Techathon 2023

HK Techathon is a one-week challenge where you can meet new friends and work together to bring a new and possible business solution.


Golden Age Expo & Summit 黃金時代展覽暨高峰會

Golden Age Expo and Summit (GAES) is a pioneering event and interactive platform that propels transformative change in population ageing topics. The all-in-one event exhibits the latest technology, innovative products and services in the ageing industry, and gathers local and international influential thinkers and leaders from various sectors to share innovative ideas and experiences on ageing.

Launched in 2016, GAES has instigated the development of numerous activities related to ageing. The event strives to inspire the golden age community to become a new driving force for social innovation.

InnoEX 香港國際創科展

Explore the next business opportunity at the premier platform for smart city innovation and technology commercialisation. Make your visit to discover next-gen strategies that provide a clear path towards brighter, smarter cities of tomorrow.

「Happy Hour 創業訪談系列 」

The Happy Hour Entrepreneurial Talk Series, has been launched in 2020, is hosted by CUHK Entrepreneur Alliance members to explore and share different directions and applications of entrepreneurship, with cutting-edge technology and information as the main focus. It is an excellent opportunity for you to network and mingle with like-minded alumni.

Deep-Tech Lab

Deep-Tech Lab is an incubation program that aims to enhance the commercialization of science in order to make an impact on business and society. Deep-Tech Lab has collaborated with the business school to offer a special course in which students learn to facilitate the ventures.

Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit

Jointly hosted by the HKSAR Government and the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, and co-organised with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, the Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit (GIES), is the largest gerontechnology public education event in Hong Kong.

Since GIES was launched in 2017, it has solicited support and aroused attention from different parties. Not only the general public can explore and learn about various gerontechnology and solutions in GIES, the elderly and rehabilitation service sector is also mobilized and has become more willing to adopt gerontech. It also facilitates the development of several pilot services and projects.

Besides, GIES provides a platform drawing together stakeholders to engage in dialogue and collaboration for border adoption of gerontech. It further helps to drive policy changes as well as societal and economic developments in Hong Kong for meeting the challenge brought about by population ageing and disability.

Eco Expo Asia

Eco Expo Asia is a global trade platform for the environmental protection industry that showcases the latest green products, equipment and state-of-the-art technology. The fair provides B2G, B2B and B2C opportunities for the green industry through its strong support from Hong Kong, Mainland China as well as international government authorities and industry associations.

Minor Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPIN) – Short-haul Study Tour

EPIN is dedicated to providing more opportunities for experiential learning by offering short-haul study tours to locations e.g. the Greater Bay Area, Singapore and Korea. These tours allow students to gain insights into the opportunities and challenges of starting and growing a business in different regions.

Minor Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPIN)

EPIN aims to cultivate students’ ability to integrate knowledge and skills from various academic disciplines to generate innovative ideas. It encourages collaborative efforts among students with different specializations; and integrates curricular and co-curricular experiences in entrepreneurship and innovation. EPIN welcomes all CUHK undergraduate students, regardless of their majors, to minor in EPIN.

Social Impact Academy

China Hi-Tech Fair 研究院携众创企业和科研团队参加高交会展

China Hi-Tech Fair integrates transaction of achievements, exhibition of products, high-level forum, merchant attraction of projects and cooperation & exchange and focuses on the advanced technologies and products in such fields as energy conservation, environment protection, new generation of information technologies, biology, manufacture of high-end equipment, new energies, new materials and new energy vehicles etc. After years of development, CHTF has become an important window for the opening outside in the China’s high-tech sectors and has played a more important role in commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of high-tech achievements as well as promotion of economic and technological exchanges and cooperation between different countries and regions.

Minor Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPIN) – Long-haul Study Tour

As part of EPIN’s commitment to experiential learning, EPIN organizes long-haul study tours to renowned institutions such as University of Cambridge and Imperial College. During these tours, students participate in a splendid array of entrepreneurship and innovation activities. Upon completion of the programme, students can also apply for unit exemption under “Practices” in EPIN.

Minor Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPIN) – Summer Internship Programme

EPIN summer internship programme is designed to enrich students’ summer vacation by providing valuable hands-on experience in a variety of job roles within startups, social enterprises, and entrepreneurship enablers. Upon completion of the internship, students can earn up to 3 credits under “Practices” in EPIN.

Center for Entrepreneurship – “Hong Kong Entrepreneurship” Channel 香港創業頻道

CUHK Center for Entrepreneurship has created a new channel ”Hong Kong Entrepreneurship”, aiming to support Hong Kong to build a world-class ecosystem, so that this beautiful place can produce more and more innovative and impactful ventures while renewing its traditional industries and societal values.

Hong Kong International Medical and Healthcare Fair 香港國際醫療及保健展

The HKTDC Hong Kong International Medical and Healthcare Fair provides industry players with the ideal platform to update themselves on the latest development and forge strong connections within the medical products field.

Hong Kong Laureate Forum 香港桂冠論壇

The Hong Kong Laureate Forum (the Forum) aspires to be a world-class academic exchange event to connect the current and next generations of leaders in scientific pursuit, as well as to promote understanding and interests of the young generation in Hong Kong and around the world in various disciplines in science and technology.

CUHK Innovation Day 中大創新日

CUHK Innovation Day aims to inspire and encourage CUHK community to continue to innovate for societal impact, and bring together government officials, policymakers, stakeholders in research and innovation, industry leaders, and the CUHK community to create synergy and forge meaningful connections.

InnoCarnival 創新科技嘉年華

To promote Innovation and Technology (I&T) culture in the community, InnoCarnival welcomes the whole community to join in the fun and enjoy a wide range of interactive and educational activities, including the showcase of local inventions and research achievements, InnoTech online workshops, online seminars and interactive games.

CUHK Entrepreneur Day 中大創業日

“CUHK Entrepreneur Day” is organized by CU Alumni Torch Fund. Through entrepreneurial activities such as exhibitions, theme lectures, competitions and small workshops, it showcased the entrepreneurial achievements of CUHK academic staff, students and alumni, so as to promote entrepreneurial culture on campus.

Centre for Entrepreneurship – Mentorship For Startup 2023

Mentorship For Startup 2023 is a mentorship programme offered by Centre for Entrepreneurship, CUHK. A group of Startup Mentors including venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and other veterans will guide the startups with insights and connections.

Cubic Zine 中大社創志

Cubic Zine is an e-newsletter published quarterly to our staff, students and external partners. By bringing stories on what CUHK social innovators are working on and events that are happening in CUHK, the newsletter aims to celebrate and promote CUHK social innovators and their successful projects / startup companies that have made tremendous social impacts.