Monday, 13th Sep 2021
Knowledge Liaison Team | Email

The Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services (ORKTS) would like to bring to your attention regarding the Healthy Longevity Global Innovator Summit.

Healthy Longevity Global Innovator Summit |13-14, 22 Sep 2021|

The U.S. National Academy of Medicine (NAM) will hold its inaugural Healthy Longevity Global Innovator Summit on 13-14 and 22 September 2021. The Innovator Summit will bring together international Healthy Longevity Catalyst Awardees from 2020, industry leaders, academics, researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs whose work contributes to the field of healthy longevity. The event will feature remarks from the President of the National Academy of Medicine, Dr. Victor Dzau, and Catalyst Award Sponsors, Dr. William Hait, Global Head of Johnson & Johnson External Innovation, and Dr. Terry Fulmer, President of the John A. Hartford Foundation. Visionary keynote speakers will share insights into launching biotechnology start-ups and opportunities for groundbreaking science in the field of longevity. Attendees can learn about the early-stage, award-winning innovations, hear from leaders in the field of healthy longevity, and take advantage of various networking opportunities designed to foster interdisciplinary and cross-sector collaboration.

Announcement of 2021 international Catalyst Awards |22 Sep 2021|

The 2021 international Catalyst Awardees will be announced during the last day of the Summit. This year, 5 winners from Hong Kong will receive the Catalyst Awards.

About the Healthy Longevity Global Competition – Healthy Longevity Catalyst Awards are part of the Healthy Longevity Global Competition founded by NAM and are available in nearly 50 countries and territories. The Global Competition aims to accelerate research and innovation to support healthy longevity through a series of monetary awards and prizes. The three phases of the Global Competition include: (1) Catalyst Phase, (2) Accelerator Phase, and (3) Grand Prize Phase. For more information, please refer to the Healthy Longevity Catalyst Awards (Hong Kong) competition website.

For further event details and information, please refer to the agenda.

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